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Faraz stone industries

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A leading producer of quality building stones in Iran: Travertine, Marble, Granite and Onyx



Faraz stone Industries is one of the most experienced and professional producers of various building stones in Iran.

We have continuously kept ourselves updated in the development procedure of building industry using several years of experience technological improvement and modern equipment.


This complex has the honor of being the pioneer, having the first and cutting of granite stone with the most modern and recent Italian machinery ( Bahar Granite) in Iran. In addition, in the path of raising the production ability and quality, the most modern factory( Faraz  Stone Co.) producing "Marble Stone" in the Middle East is  established.


This factory is built in an area of 60000 square meters, including covered halls in a 7000 square meters per year. Productions are in two forms of "Slab" and "Tile". These productions provide necessary requirements for exporting the best quality Iranian stones.

This unit uses the most modern equipment worldwide,  such as "Gang Saw", "Block Cutter", "Full automatic cutting devices", "Loading and Unloading  Robotic Systems", "Special Resin Line", "Computerized Chamfering  and "Beveling Machine" etc.


Furthermore,  modern technology of  "Water Jet"  machinery is used to gain all clients satisfaction. On this path, we cooperate with best architects and designers, and use the most beautiful foreign designs, providing original Iranian colors and design in various dimensions.

Relying on our perseverance, originality and creativity, raising the production quality, we have succeeded to achieve  a remarkable state in the European and Neighbor Countries Export Market.


Robotic Michelangelo

It is perfect marriage of old world artisanship and state of the art technology. The ability to create stone works of art undreamed of mere years ago.

The combination of our ultra high pressure water jet and computer guidance system cuts pieces of stone so preciously, any design can be achieved.

Stonework's works wonders with any variety of natural stones: marble stone, granite stone and travertine stone.


Design and Construction Department

Our design and construction group is formed  of  highly innovative and experienced designers who utilize the most modern and technically advanced for installation of stones.

They have extensive knowledge and experience in design and installation of stones for inside and outside of many high rises, residential and office buildings.


Our research group has shown the ability to fully demonstrate the potential of stones for both interior and urban architecture.

These working example results are our success and prestige in this field:


Iran parliament's new building

Iran Central Bank

Building of Ministry of Metal and Mining

IRIB Community hall

Iranian embassy in Rome

Several underground stations in Iran

Kish island 5 star hotel

Several commercial and residential high rise buildings in Tehran

The most valuable support we obtained is our "client trust" and "reliability". Therefore, whenever "Aesthetics", "Luminous", and "Stability" is concerned in a building, "Faraz Stone Industries" name shines.


Please read our flash site for more information about our products:






Faraz Stone, Iranian Granite Stone,

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